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George Dirlam

This domain, ​was previously a website and I have moved it over to this WordPress.

This is the first post on this WordPress​ with many more posts to come about health and wellness. 

I was promoting a cactus juice product for inflammation, but due to some regulations by that company​ no longer allows me to promote online.

If you have inflammation issues, leave me a message on Google voice and I can direct you on how to still get that product.

My Google voice is ​(775) 391-0263

The above pictures is from when I was testing ​a theory I had that you could not gain weight by eating bananas.

Twice I ate 10 bananas in a day and didn't gain weight. I also ate other foods those days beside the bananas and still did not gain weight.

This was just my personal banana test and I don't recommend you eat 10 bananas in a day,​

In my next post I would like to tell you what I did about the lower back pain I was having issues with about 6 years ago. I haven't had any lower back ​pain since.

Untill my next post and feel free to contact me at my Google voice above.


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